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At Panda's Childcare we want children to reach their full potential. We want to work with families and the community to ensure we maximise their imagination and opportunities.

We understand that this may be a daunting time but here are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare your child to for their first day at Panda's:

Personal Property

All property should be clearly marked with your child’s name. Washable play clothes that your child can manage by him/herself are most suitable. Please include an extra set of clothing in your child’s bag in case of accidents, wet or soiled clothes from water, sand or dirt play. The Centre is not responsible for the damage too or loss of personal property.


Children's safety

At Panda's we are very conscious of the environment and act to protect all children. The centre has developed a number of policies and procedures in regards to health and safety issues including, sun safety, nutrition, dental hygiene, supervision of the children, safety of equipment and surroundings, collecting children from the centre, infectious illnesses, immunisation, and medications, just to name a few. These policies are reviewed with staff and families annually, and are available to be viewed at any time.

Notices/Storypark/Social media

It is important to keep the communication open and everybody informed at Panda's. Email and “Storypark” are the regular means of communication. We also have a facebook and Instagram page which is updated with snippets of our day and information.



Good nutrition is very important to children and our centre encourages this by requesting that families provide healthy food for the child during the day. Families supply morning tea, lunch  and afternoon tea.


The following is some suggestions of healthy food for your child to bring:

Sandwich, salad and veggie sticks, biscuits and cheese, fruit and baked beans. Please provide a good amount of food for your child.


Please note that due to children with severe allergies Panda's Childcare is strictly a Nut Free and Egg Free Zone.


A few things to keep in mind as you prepare your child to for their first day at Pandas


Drink bottle (water only)


Morning tea, Lunch and Afternoon tea


Wide brim or legionnaire hat


Change of clothes


Nappies and wet wipes (if applicable)


Bedding and comfort toy/blanket (if applicable)


Sunscreen or any nappy creams (if applicable)